Em Bokashi Bran Composting Accelerator - 2kg - EM Agriton Ltd

Em Bokashi Bran Composting Accelerator - 2kg - EM Agriton Ltd

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A blend of natural bran, molasses and EM(Effective Micro-organisms). Add one or two handfuls each time you add food waste to your Bokashi Kitchen Composter. This is an official EM Certified Product

(Please note that there is currently a label change running with EM and some of the bags will have the old label and some will have the new one)

The EM Bokashi Mix activator bran is needed to run your Bokashi Composter effectively. Store it in a cool, dry and dark place.

A few words on Bokashi

  • The materials must be air tightly packed so that a fermentation process can take place whereby metabolic elements consisting of micro- organisms are produced. This means that Bokashi compost, just like sauerkraut has a higher nutritional value than organic substances that have not  been fermented. 
  • Bokashi is suitable for use as a soil improver and also as a nutrient in cattle fodder.
  • Bokashi is a source of nourishment for micro-organisms that grow in the soil. These establish themselves on a permanent basis in the soil, multiply and then dominate the harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that are present. Bokashi has been traditionally used in Japan in order to increase the level of microbial diversity in the  soil and provide plants with bioactive foodstuffs such as growth hormones, antibiotics, vitamins and amino acids. This means that plants receive more essential energy and have an increased resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • The neutral micro-organisms existing in a pathogenic soil that would normally choose the dominant harmful micro-organisms will now follow the EM effective microorganisms. This means that the soil that initially was a potential cause of disease is now turned into a disease suppressing soil. Within the areas of agriculture and horticulture, there is no other sustainable method of getting as much as possible out of the soil as that described above.

Bokashi, also to be used as a unique soil conditioner 

  • To rejuvenate soil a unique product has been developed incorporating EM Effective Micro-organisms which has a long-lasting effectivity  in the soil.
  • Bokashi is made by mixing organic bran with EM, A+ and water. After a careful drying process the properties of the activated micro- organisms remain stable for a longer period than in a solution of EM active.
  • Due to the longer lasting activity of the micro-organisms in Bokashi it is the prefered product to use for the fermentation of kitchen waste with the Bokashi kitchen waste compost bin.
  • If EM Active is used to spray the kitchen waste a higher moisture content is obtained which is undesirable and may lead to an increase in odour.
    By producing your own ‘home-made’ compost from your everyday kitchen waste and introducing this into your flower beds, vegetable plot, potting plants and gardens the soil will automatically be conditioned by the presense of the bokashi in the compost. The results will be seen in an improved structure of the soil, better root growth, disease resistant and an improved irrigation.

Take care when buying your Bokashi Bran Refills
All Bokashi bran products are NOT equal. Some can be contaminated with mould spots which can spread across the bran in a matter of weeks once opened. This in turn kills off the natural EMs.

We know where our bran mix is produced so we can ensure it is of a high quality, and sourced from an experienced producer. We aim to give our customers a premium product at a very reasonable price. It has consistently performed well and has not shown any of the problems that had experienced with other brands- such as moulding or 'dying' which means that the bran becomes completely inactive